How to Accessorise in Red & Tartan

It’s no secret that everyone’s mad about prints this season. This week, our focus is on one of the most iconic patterns of all time: tartan. Get ‘red-y’ to introduce some of these beauties into your autumn wardrobe!

tartan women's banner

Purse: Soft Leather Purse in Berry  |  Tartan Handbag: Elise Flap Over Bag in Royal Stewart  |  Glove: Balmoral in Berry/Royal Stewart  |  Red Handbag: Leather Zip Top Cross Body Bag in Berry

Contemporary styling has revolutionised traditional tartan into a fashion statement. Within the Dents AW15 collection, it goes to show how striking it looks in the form of our fabric-back gloves, handbags, hats and scarves. When we think ‘tartan’, we’re instantly reminded of its most recognisable colour scheme: Royal Stewart. It’s hard to miss the vibrant red material, particularly against its contrasting cross-bars that overlap in bold greens and blues, to name but a few colours.

Royal Stewart can be a little overwhelming if you’re not sure how to style it right. Team no more than two matching tartan pieces together – after all, less is more when it comes down to wearing such a bold material. Keep your other garments plain, preferably in colours that match the accented hues from your tartan accessories. For a more daring ensemble, why not go the extra mile with more berry red accessories, like the ones above?

layla tartan

The perfect balance – a simple black coat works wonders with the dark accents of these key women’s pieces

Hat: Tartan Panelled Cossack Hat  | Handbag: Elise Flap Over Bag  |  Scarf: Tartan Pattern Scarf. All in Royal Stewart.

But don’t forget, there are so many other traditional colour varieties for you to experiment with in the men’s and women’s collections, including Autumn Buchanan, Black Watch, and Royal Blue. If you’d prefer a modern take on the trend, inject scarves in bright colours – such as Azalea pink and cool Turquoise – into your outfit.

tartan pinterest 2

These inspiring images from Pinterest prove that Royal Stewart isn’t the only stand-out colour when it comes to matching your tartan accessories!

Tartan has a long history that is mostly associated with ancient Scotland. Some of the earliest known tartan goes as far back as the third or fourth century AD. It’s said that different designs were worn to represent each of the Highland clans and families. Kilts made of this material are now part of the traditional Highland dress. Fun fact: one of the first recorded mentions of tartan dates back to 1538, when King James V purchased “three ells of Heland Tartans” for his wife to wear.

Still want to know what makes tartan worth investing in? You may not realise the amount of intricate weaving that goes into creating it. Take a look at this fascinating video from YouTube, to give you a visual insight behind the modern weaving processes…

Now for the technical bit. Made of interlocking stripes, tartan’s check pattern (known as the ‘sett’) is almost always symmetrical.  It’s repeated in the same sequence both vertically/length-wise (AKA the ‘warp’) and horizontally/width-wise (AKA the ‘weft’). The coloured threads mix into new hues where they overlap.

We think there’s no better print to wear this autumn. Which statement pieces have caught your eye?


Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Glove

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch! She has passed the record set by her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, by reigning for 63 years and seven months in total. So, in keeping with this mood of royal celebration, we thought you might like to see one of our most prized possessions here in Dents Museum – the Queen’s Coronation glove.

queen elizabeth 2nd glove

The glove that is held in our museum, and Queen Elizabeth on her Coronation day on 2nd June 1953

This glove formed an important part of the Coronation ceremony. During the coronations of the British monarchy, the Sovereign’s right hand glove is removed when the coronation ring is put on. This ring, often referred to as ‘The Wedding Ring of England’ was worn by The Queen on the fourth finger of her right hand in accordance with tradition and signifies her commitment to her realm.

The glove we hold at Dents is the duplicate glove (which she would have tried on for size) which was made ready for her Coronation in 1953.  Two Coronation gloves were made (only one glove, on the right hand, is worn by the Monarch) just in case anything went wrong. Luckily it didn’t and she was crowned amidst awesome pageantry.

What do you think of this fascinating historical artifact?


My Two Weeks at Dents

Guest post by Claire Martin, a 19 year old student who’s just completed her first year of studying Marketing at Nottingham Trent University. Over the past two weeks, she has gained work experience in the IT & Social Media Department at Dents HQ. Here’s what she says about her time here…

What I’ve been up to…
I mainly worked on promotional campaigns for Dents – one example being creating posters and a mailout for the latest ‘20% off leather gloves’ promotion in the Factory Shop for the new season. This included designing the graphics on Photoshop and coming up with slogans to use, making sure they successfully get the message across to the receiver.

20pc leather gloves

One example of the promotional material Claire designed for the Dents Factory Shop

I gained insight into how Dents use social media as a platform to promote their business. For example, pinning images onto their Pinterest boards to create inspiration and mood boards for Autumn/Winter, plus incorporating Dents products into these boards. I spent some time clipping new products from the website onto Polyvore, and took a look behind the blog and Facebook admin pages so I could write some posts myself.

Photography played a big part in my time here. I took pictures of products such as wallets and handbags, and edited them so they can be used in future promotions, and featured on the Dents website.

During a tour of the building, I also got the chance to look around the factory itself and see how the heritage gloves are made, while finding out what makes them so special in comparison to their competitors.

What I’ve learnt
I have learnt about Dents as a company, and seen how the everything functions on a day-to-day basis. I’ve also found out how to create a successful promotional campaign, including all the elements needed in order for it to convey the message across to the reader. During my time in the studio, I learnt the best ways to photograph products to help sell them to the consumer, plus how to create eye-catching compositions. From a website point of view, I also went into some of the admin pages to see how the Dewhurst Dent sites are run in-house.

Claire Photography 2

A couple of still life product shots that Claire took in our studio

My favourite experience
One of the things I enjoyed most was creating the promotional campaigns, as I had never done anything like that before. Outside of university I’m interested in both photography and art, so I also really enjoyed photographing products and creating still life shots.

What the future holds…
I will be continuing my studies at Nottingham Trent, but afterwards I’m certain that I want to go into the Marketing/Advertising/PR sector. I’ve found that working at Dents has helped me in deciding this, and I will hopefully take part in some more work experience within the marketing sector in the near future as well.

Overall I’ve had a really enjoyable two weeks at Dents, having visited the Dents Factory Shop many times and getting an inside look on how Dents functions. I also feel that I’ve learnt a lot within the marketing and advertising side of things, which I feel will help me with my studies in the future.

We wish Claire all the best!


Dame Joan Seen in Dents Gloves!

Dame Joan Collins, Star Trek Convention, William Shatner,  Las Vegas, Dents gloves, white fabric gloves, monochrome

Dame Joan (right) with actor William Shatner (left) and friends

Over the years, Dents have accumulated many celebrity friends – including Dame Joan!

Dame Joan was recently spotted wearing a pair of our white fabric gloves at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Known for her flamboyant style, Dame Joan – who is a big fan of wearing gloves – teamed our Matt Satin Gloves in White (style 6-2119) with her striped monochrome dress-and-jacket ensemble.

Trekkies may remember when Dame Joan appeared in the 1967 Star Trek episode The City on the Edge of Forever, in which she guest starred as character Sister Edith Keeler.

monochrome, Joan Collins, Dents white gloves, Star Trek convention, black and white

A closer look at her outfit…

6-2119 White

The very glove style Joan Collins wore to the convention, 6-2119 in White.

We love how Dame Joan has styled her Dents gloves! What do you think of her monochrome ensemble?


What to Love in the Dents AW15 Collection

Dents AW15 collection, leather handbag, fur cuff glove,  women's banner

Feel that your wardrobe is getting a little tired? Now that the weather is about to turn chillier again, it’s time to give your accessories a reboot – and you can do just that, with some help from the latest lines in our newly released AW15 collection!

As always, there are plenty of beautiful styles available for the fashion-conscious gentleman and woman. Take a look at our favourite highlights from the latest arrivals…

The Women’s Collection

knitted glove, leather handbag, quilt stiitch, check pattern, casual handbag, fur cuff gloves, knitted scarf

Ladies can get excited about the irresistibly soft leather and fabric gloves – some of which introduce a range of bold new colours, such as Azalea, Saddle and Evergreen. Every woman loves a stylish handbag and evening clutch, and there’s so much choice available! Immerse yourself in the sophisticated Tiff quilted leather set, or the casual tweed patterned bags which are ideal for a stylish day out. For a finishing touch, take on one of the stand-out belts made by our sister company, Stephen Collins.

Soft staple knits will once again be a hit later this year, so be prepared with our patterned scarves and cosy hats. Some designs even have matching pieces available, so you can create gorgeous knitted sets! They’re sure to keep you warm and stylish for many winters to come…

The Men’s Collection

black leather gloves, men's collection, check scarf, red leather gloves, casual glove, men's hat, men;s accessories

The men’s range is more classic in design. Of course, the new collection includes essential pairs of men’s gloves that can be worn everyday – often featuring comfortable fleece or lambswool linings, to keep you protected from the elements over the next few months. You’ll also love the patterned hats and scarves from the range, which are available in colourful check, stripe and traditional fair isle designs. Our classic leather belts continue to be a popular accessory among gents, and they will look perfect alongside our beautiful wallets.

Make sure you see our men’s and women’s Pinterest boards for even more inspiring ways to style the new collection!

Has anything caught your eye so far? Share pics of your new Dents accessory via Twitter or Instagram, tagging us @dents_leather or #dentsgloves!

Discover the Dents AW15 collection.


Dents & No Man Walks Alone Competition

It’s competition time! Want the chance to win a pair of limited edition Dents iconic tweed back gloves with deerskin leather palms? We’ve teamed up with No Man Walks Alone, a men’s fashion shopping website, who are giving you the opportunity to vote for your favourite design out of the three available – and one lucky person will win the most popular glove!

No Man Walks Alone promotes the idea “that there are many men who, like you and us, reject the uninspiring conformity offered by the fashion industry, and instead value original design, thoughtful details, quality of materials and craftsmanship”. You can see the Dents section on their website here.

competition, gloves, No Man Walks Alone, Harris Tweed, fabric back gloves, Dents gloves, heritage

Each of the three attractive designs are all based around one of our best-selling deerskin leather gloves, Dunmore, which is notable for its Harris Tweed back, and the strap and roller feature near the cuff.

So what makes each of the choices special?

1. Your first option features an exquisite Harris Tweed back in a warm thistle green and fawn mix. The havana tan leather used on the palm and strap is sure to match many of your dapper outfits. You’ll love its pine coloured Scottish cashmere lining, and the classic brown snap fastener with subtle gold detailing.

2. While this glove is designed with a matching pattern to option one, it can be distinguished by its grey and blue tweed mix, and black deerskin leather. The metal snap on the strap comes in a lovely matt silver colour with a bright finish. What’s more, this classic design stands out due to its contrast colour Scottish cashmere lining, in a striking shade of red.

3. The third and final choice is notable for its patterned design, made from traditional check Abraham Moon tweed from Yorkshire. The pine green, ruby and olive overcheck background is perfect for the ultimate country look. Its antique matt brass metal snap provides a lovely finishing touch – and even better, we can’t take our eyes off the bright yellow Scottish cashmere lining!

Have you decided which design is your favourite? If you wish to take part in this exciting opportunity, head over to the competition page on the No Man Walks Alone website. The winner will be chosen at random.

*UPDATE* The contest is now over, and the winning glove was option 2! Thank you to everyone who entered!


How to Style the Wild West!

Yee-haw – Wild West fashion has made a comeback! Bring out your denim shirt and that pair of cowboy boots, because we are going to help you accessorise like it’s late 1800s America – but with a modern twist!

The Edit

So, you want to release your inner cowgirl? Shades of brown, black and gold will kick-start your country and western vibes. Here’s what to wear…

wild west, country and western fashion, how to accessorise, cognac, black, gold

The Hat Large Brim Paperstraw Hat | Wide paperstraw hats offer a contemporary take on the traditional cowboy hat. We think the gold buckle adds a delicate touch that is reminiscent of a sheriff’s badge and cowboy spurs. If you really want to nail the cowgirl vibe, don’t forget to style your hair into two plaits or loose ponytails!

The Gloves Charlotte Hairsheep Leather Cuff Gloves | The interlinking snake print pattern across the cuff provides a subtle nod towards desert snakes. With otherwise minimalist detailing, this versatile glove can be teamed up with many other outfits!

The Handbag – Lucia Shoulder Bag | Mixing the flawless combination of black, white and gold together, the Lucia shoulder bag matches each of our recommended accessories. Its rope handle also provides a interesting alternative to leather, and creates a summery feel.

The Belt  Mia Cut Out Leather Belt | Made by our sister company Stephen Collins, not only does this gorgeous leather belt feature a large rustic buckle in antique gold, the beautiful cut-out detailing on the keeper will add casual western hints to your everyday outfit. Alternatively, why not choose one of the plaited belts available on our website?

Now that you have the accessories, it’s time to find the cowboy-style clothes to go with them! Need some style inspiration? Here’s some of our favourite images from Pinterest…

how to dress like a cowgirl,

For your top half, a fully buttoned up denim or plaid shirt are must-have pieces – however an embroidered white shirt can work just as well. If possible, include a fringed garment, such as a jacket or accessory. Depending on how authentic you want your western vibe to be, tie a patterned neckerchief for a finishing touch. Team all of this up with either a pair of denim jeans (the ‘double denim’ look can work a treat), or a long floaty skirt that matches the rest of your outfit. And of course, a pair of tan cowboy boots will complete the look!

Will you be trying out any of our country and western styling tips? Share your ideas with us below!



The film crew from BBC’s popular Escape to the Country series were given a lesson in traditional glove making during a recent visit to Dents in Warminster.

Jules Hudson outside Dents in Warminster with his box of gloves

The crew, including presenter Jules Hudson, spent a few fascinating hours here, as they met Dents’ team of skilled traditional craftsmen and women, and watched the glove making process – first from leather cutting, to hand sewing and finishing.

Jules Hudson with Dents Factory Craftspeople in Warminster

“Jules was especially interested in the hand-sewing techniques, and also how to measure the size of a hand,” said Dents Chief Executive Deborah Moore. “This is so important to ensure the ‘perfect fit’ that has helped make Dents such an iconic brand.”

Escape to the Country crew filming webbing glove making process at Dents

The TV crew also visited the private Dents museum to see the collection of historic gloves and artefacts.

“Lord Nelson’s gloves, and the gloves of Queen Elizabeth I, are always stand-out items here,” said Deborah. “Jules also looked at the driving gloves we made for Jack Brabham and Stirling Moss, as well as the gloves worn in Batman and by James Bond in Skyfall.”

Dents will be featured in an Escape to the Country programme, which will on screen later this year.


How to Accessorise in Soft Browns

As one of the most common colours featured throughout our collection, soft brown proves once again to be a must-have colour to accessorise in. Gone are the days where we tend to dress in darker tones during the chillier months – this season’s all about opting for belts, gloves and light scarves in warm shades of this classic hue!

The Men’s Edit:

Men's brown gloves, wallet and belt from Dents

Browns are particularly popular among our male customers. Our warmest shades include tan, havana, tobacco and cognac, which provide endless styling possibilities! For best results, any of our recommended accessories (above) will flawlessly teamed up with a white shirt, plus bursts of black and deep reds throughout your outfit. If you’re aiming for a luxury country look, why not wear a couple of tan coloured Dents items with a tweed jacket?

  • The Gloves – Winchester | These deerskin leather driving gloves are detailed with quirky contrast stitching – ideal for the fashion-conscious gentleman. The keyhole back feature also provides a cooler feel during the summer.
  • The Belt Plain Leather Belt | In such a versatile shade of tan, this minimalist accessory can be worn with so many garments!

Our inspiring men’s moodboard focusing on the classic colour. What do you think…?

Men's brown inspirational moodboard, Pinterest

The Women’s Edit

brown womens edit copy 2

This season, women’s wardrobes are all about looking natural; soft cognac, chestnut and taupe (to name but a few) are the perfect tones to replace classic black. Achieve a relaxed look by choosing a few key accessories from our selection that match your summer attire. We think teaming them up with earthy khakis, creams and neutrals will do just the trick!

  • The GlovesKelly Crochet Back Driving Glove | A good all-rounder; this glove oozes both style and practicality, whilst not going overboard with the brown tones.
  • The Belt – Eliza Skinny Belt | Best used to enhance an outfit (rather than dominate it) wear this block-coloured chestnut belt from our sister company Stephen Collins will delicately match any bursts of brown in your ensemble.
  • The ScarfLace Print Eternity Scarf | In nude, this lightweight scarf provides a paler alternative if you want to tone down your look. The floral lace pattern reminds us of summer gardens!

From nature to beauty, soft browns are seen everywhere at the moment, as seen in this women’s moodboard…

Women's brown inspiring moodborad, Pinterest

Do you own any special Dents items in this must-have colour? Let us know in the comments!


Dents in Pitti Uomo

Last week, Dents took part in Pitti Uomo, a world renowned fashion trade fair based in Florence. The bi-annual event was held between 16th – 19th June, and attracts many international brands, designers and customers to present and preview future collections. Our menswear designer Laura flew over to greet customers at the Dents stand, which exhibited our range of men’s gloves and accessories…

Dents gloves and accessories stand in Oitti Uomo June 2015

The theme behind our stand was colour  which was evident through the wide range of vibrant hues of our displayed gloves! The collection featured many shades such as reds, blues, browns and cork (the lovely yellow colour of our iconic peccary gloves), found both in the leather and our cashmere linings.

Dents colourful crochet back gloves and driving gloves at Pitti Uomo June 2015

Pitti also holds many inspiring fashion runways, shows and live performances that allow other brands to present their new ranges. For us, Laura says that this was our best summer shows to date!

During her time there, Laura also got the chance to experience some Italian culture by watching a calcio storico match. The game is an exciting combination of football, rugby and wrestling that originated in 16th century Florence.

Calcio Storico Parade in Florence

The colourful parade starting…

Before the match, there was 50 minute long procession of vibrant flag waving and throwing, atmospheric drum banging, and trumpet blowing to get the crowd going. Both the procession and game were played in traditional costume.

Calcio Storico Match in Florence

The teams were from the four historical neighborhoods in the city. They compete against each other in several matches before determining the winner – and this calcio storico match was much more physical then Laura was expecting!

Overall the trip was very successful, and we can’t wait to go to our next show!