How to: Style Womens Gloves

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While Christmas shopping at your local department store you may find yourself scanning the latest handbags, as you make your way towards the luxury make-up brand counters, drawn in by the sweet smell of Chanel and Dior perfume.

Now, the everyday gal may not find herself searching for the perfect pair of gloves for a regular occasion. However, as I’ve started to experiment with my personal style I’ve come to realise that mainstream trends are not as important as I might have thought when I was a teenager. Gloves add elegance and femininity, though we may not get to wear them very often in this day and age – and that’s especially true of evening gloves. Often a little pair of day gloves will add the finishing touch to many outfits.

While gloves in the summer may seem an odd fashion choice to many, one of the special things about evening and day gloves is that their main purpose is not just to keep your arms warm but also to add a touch of style and femininity to your hands, which makes gloves arguably one of the most versatile items in fashion. From mesh to cotton, these breathable materials make gloves a year round option. A pair of crochet gloves like these creates a vintage touch to your outfits, whether it is causal or formal attire.
If you still don’t know how you would style gloves but love the idea, head to Nora Finds blog post featuring our ruched cotton evening gloves in her November look book. We feel she does this perfectly by bringing vintage and modern together to create an elegant and unique look, which can be tailored to your individual style.





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