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A Closer Look at our Miniature Glove Collection

DentsDents MuseumHistory

Sometimes, small can have a big impact – that’s how we feel about the miniature gloves found in our private museum! Measured at only a few centimetres, you may be wondering why we hold several pairs of gloves that can’t even be worn (well, unless there were some elves around that we didn’t know about!)

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A Look Back at Our Favourite Historical Adverts

Dents MuseumHistory

As you may know, we hold many fascinating gloves and artifacts in our private museum archives, so today we’ll be rounding up some of the best Dents adverts (and other related printed media from the 20th century) found in our collection. Let’s delve back in time…

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1920s - 1930s portrait grey

Where Glove Style Started…


Gloves haven’t always been considered a fashion accessory – gone are the days when they were considered as a form of etiquette.

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