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What makes the Dents men’s ‘Hampton’ glove so special? Now we’re in the lead up to Christmas, you may be thinking about treating a loved one to this beautiful style, which will always be in fashion. And it it worth it? Yes! So get up close and personal, and read our breakdown of why this iconic glove has stood the test of time…


The ‘Hampton’ style has been around for years – and it’s easy to see why!

Our stunning peccary leather glove is expertly hand-crafted in our factory in England, and comes in classic colours such as Black and Bark. Today, however, we’ll be focusing on its most recognisable colour variation – Cork yellow. With features such as a palm vent, hand-stitching and a complimentary burgundy Dents gift box, it just goes to show that all these small, but intricate details can say a lot, and add up to show the Dents flair that you know and love.


A Closer Look…


1. Fourchettes – Let’s throw a little knowledge of ‘glove anatomy’ into the mix! Fourchettes, the inside panels found on the fingers of selected styles, provide extra room for your fingers. As fourchettes aren’t a common feature in gloves, these are a true sign of a quality accessory.

2. Hand-stitching – We are very proud to say that every contrasting black stitch was lovingly sewn by hand – that’s one of the reasons why it can take up to 8 hours to produce just one pair of these gloves! Our craftspeople pay high attention to detail when stitching through this tough, yet durable leather – but all the effort is completely worth it!

3. Peccary leather – Known as ‘the king of leather’, peccary is a rare, luxurious material sourced from South America. Our genuine peccary’s supple and durable qualities are enhanced by its textured appearance, with tiny dots added to the detailing. A pair of gloves made from this leather will definitely last for many years to come!


4. Three handsewn points – Sewn into three zigzag formations, the points (noticeable on the back of the glove) are an instant way to stand out from other styles. Intense concentration is involved when perfecting this iconic detailing.

5. Cashmere lining – A glove’s main purpose is to keep your hands cosy – and the ‘Hampton’ style never fails at this, thanks to its lightweight knitted lining, made of the finest 3 ply Scottish cashmere. Known for its natural warmth, it’s a welcoming feeling to touch the soft cashmere as you put this glove on during a bitter winter!


6. Strap – ‘Hampton’ is one of the select styles in our collection to feature a strap at the  palm vent, by the cuff of the glove. It’s adjustable to fit your wrist for extra comfort.

7. Dents dome – One of the finishing touches, where we put our ‘stamp’ on the glove. If you see one of Dents’ domes on a pair of gloves, you know you’re looking at luxury!

Will our ‘Hampton’ glove be making its way onto your Christmas wish list?



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  1. Mr Montana says:

    Dear Dents, just want to tell you a big thank you! My gloves are amazing! Also I’d love to say that your customer service is very nice. I had a big pleasure to speak on a phone with one lady ( my apologies I do not remember her name but she had a very lovely accent ) who was so friendly, patient and helpful!!! I definitely know where I will buy my Xmas presents and if I have a problem to choose something , I certainly know that I ‘ll get a proficient advice! Great service & great gloves!

    • Danielle Lewis says:

      Dear Mr Montana,

      Thank you for your kind words, we’re so pleased you are happy with your gloves. We will pass your thanks on to our customer service team.

      Many thanks,

      E-Commerce Developer

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