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How to: Style Womens Gloves

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While Christmas shopping at your local department store you may find yourself scanning the latest handbags, as you make your way towards the luxury make-up brand counters, drawn in by the sweet smell of Chanel and Dior perfume. Now, the everyday gal may not find herself searching for the perfect pair of gloves for a […]

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An Interview with David Flatman


David Flatman, former England and Bath Rugby player and friend of Dents, has kindly taken some time out to answer a few questions for us, with a sprinkling of his banter filled sense of humour.

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Longleat’s Festival of Light

DentsLifestylePlaces to Visit

If you live in or around the Wiltshire area and fancy a truly magical day out with the family this Christmas, there is no better place to visit than Longleat’s Festival of Light!

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Factory & Exhibits

The Factory’s Festive Competition


Our factory craftspeople, who are behind the creation of Dent’s heritage glove collection, took part in a very festive competition this week. The brief was to create a traditional Christmas wreath, and it was a tough call to decide the winner out of the 6 entries – each at a top standard.

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Festive Things to Do This Christmas


Christmas is a time to do all sorts of festive things with your family- from the comfort of traditional activities to trying something new. You can never be bored with so many things to do this time of year!

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